It’s official – I’ve been working on this book for a while now and it’s finally as close to done as it was going to get. I’m three weeks into a new job/back in school and I will hardly have time in the future to add or update this version so I’ve put it out on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Fundamentally, this book is the resource I wished I’d had when I was first getting started in college Strength & Conditioning, actually, I wish I’d had it before I started my first internship. It is a collection of ideas and lessons I’ve picked up from a multitude of sources over the last 6 years or so. Originally, this was going to a be a manual we sent to our interns before they ever even got to campus, but now it’s available for whomever wants to check it out.

Take a look inside or buy it here

Amazon Description: This book’s print, images, and text are all in black and white. The subject matter on the other hand is anything but. In a field with so much grey area, Simplifying Chaos aims to help young coaches entering strength and conditioning to navigate some of the more complex concepts of their early careers. Simplifying Chaos is written for any and all young strength and conditioning coaches who are either preparing to, or have already made their first break into the field. Whether you are seeking to get into private, high school, collegiate, or professional strength and conditioning coaching, this book provides a starting point. It is not intended to contain answers, blueprints, or cut and paste programs, but instead to promote a way of thinking that will change the way you view the profession as you make your entry. By the time you finish reading Simplifying Chaos, you will be prepared to build and expand your own knowledge base using some of the concepts and principles you picked up inside. No one book contains all the answers to human performance, and this is no exception. This book will have served its purpose if it leaves you with more questions, more passion, and more enthusiasm for joining the field.